Parents Handbook

Please open and download the Parent's Hanbook here.

School Times

Morning Sessions:        8.30/8.45 – 12.00 (All year 1 children must be in by 8.30 latest)

Friday lunchtime –        Playgroup & Foundation will finish at 12:00pm                         

Year One & Reception will finish at 12:30pm


Afternoon Sessions:    2.00 – 3.15

Monday & Thursday afternoons –

                                    Year one will finish at 3:30pm

                                     Reception will finish at 3:15pm


Please do not collect before 12.00/3.15 as this disrupts the whole class.  Children are to be collected from the school playground and parents are asked not to wait outside the class room door.                           

Rest time:

Children staying for the afternoon should remember to bring into school a named colouring book and crayons (no felt pens please) for use during rest time after lunch.  These can be kept in the classroom.



It would be appreciated if the proper school uniform is worn Monday to Thursday. (These are available from Haria Uniforms in the Sarit Centre and limited stock is available in the school office.) 


Fun Clothes may be worn on Fridays.  .


Girls:    Blue School Shirt with a Navy blue pinafore, KK sweater (or a plain navy blue cardigan)

            and/ tracksuit.  Sports:  White KK shirt and white shorts. 


Boys:   Blue school shirt with Navy blue shorts, KK sweater (or a plain navy blue pullover) and or Year tracksuit.   Sports:  

            White KK polo shirt and white shorts.


(All the uniforms are available from the school office) 


Please remember that all your school clothes should be named/labelled. 


Hats:  It is very important that all the children should wear hats during playtime/sports sessions on the school field etc.  Please remember to send in a named hat every day.


Food and Menus: 

Please note that children are only allowed to bring in their own snack for break on a Friday or for religious or health reasons* (*the school office must be notified, in writing, if this is the case)

Please remember we are a NUT Free Zone”.

Aquamist water is available at all times in the classrooms and therefore there is no need to send a water bottle to school


School Sample Menu


Break:                                         Lunch:

Water                                                              Chicken Mince, Rice, mixed Vegetables

Fruit, Raw carrots, sandwiches                         Sponge Cake & custard



Water                                                              Beef & Pork Sausages, Anna potatoes, mixed vegetables

Fruit, Raw carrots, sandwiches                         Fruit Salad & Jelly



Water                                                              Pasta with Meat sauce or cheese sauce

Fruit, Raw carrots, sandwiches                         Raw carrots

                                                                        Chocolate sponge & custard


Water                                                              Fish & Chips

Fruit, Raw carrots, sandwiches                         Pizza & Chips

                                                                        Raw carrots & apples

                                                                        Ice cream & Jelly